A feasibility study is essentially a period of due diligence before ushering
a plan through. An outside consultant familiar with ESOPs can help
identify areas to inspect.
 – Wall Street Journal

ESOPs help to resolve succession issues,
win more backing from banks.
– Wall Street Journal

Research Shows ESOP Companies Do Better. The study is the most
comprehensive of its kind on employee ownership in public companies,
researching more than 350 companies for 6 years.
– The ESOP Report

Companies setting up ESOPs,
which give them tax and financialadvantages,
range in size from small ones to giants and cover fields from
heavy industry to newspapers, transportation, and insurance.
 – Nation’s Business

Want to sell an asset that has appreciated sharply without paying
any taxes 
on the capital gains? (Taking Refuge in an ESOP)
– The New York Times

ESOPs have become more popular in the past few years
as a way to raise 
capital for new and ongoing concerns,
according to Ron Gilbert.
– Success Magazine

There is ample evidence that companies with major ESOPs
better than companies that don’t have them.
– D & B Reports

ESOP buyouts are helped by federal tax breaks;
productivity often soars.
– Wall Street Journal

Probably the most dedicated and influential ESOP activist is Scottsville, VA
-based ESOP Services, Inc., which has been involved in Poland, and has
expanded its operations into Lithuania.
– Eastern European Strategist