ESOP Association, The
Professional Association
James Bonham, President – Washington, DC
(202) 293-2971

Kelso & Company
Investment Banking
Frank Nickell, Chairman – New York, NY
(212) 751-3939

National Center for Employee Ownership
Professional Association
Corey Rosen, Retired Executive Director – Oakland, CA
Loren Rodgers, Executive Director
(510) 208-1300

Private Capital Corporation
Professional Services
Dickson C. Buxton, Chairman – Novato, CA
(800) 288-8131 

“ESOP Services recently lent me a financial model to use in my MBA class at Oxford University. They spent a lot of time customizing it for me. In the end the class I used it in was one of the most successful I have ever taught. The model was a huge part of the giant success we had with the class and the simulation. I am incredibly grateful that ESOP Services was willing to share the model with me. I can say categorically that the class would not have been nearly as good if they had not done what they did.”

John Hoffmire
Said Business School, University of Oxford